Friday, November 12, 2010

Lynn Leaves Celtic Woman!!!

Here is a reposting of Lynn's message on the Celtic Woman Website

I have had the most incredible experience with Celtic Woman. I feel so lucky to have had the privilege of being able to call myself a Celtic Woman if only for three short years. However I have grown to miss Ireland and my life there more and more, so I’ve decided to take my leave while the going is good. I will miss all my friends terribly and especially three very special ladies; Mairead Nesbitt, Chloe Agnew and Lisa Kelly, whom after the hectic year we have all had I will now always think of as “Super-Women” as opposed to Celtic Women!! I will never forget the warmth and acceptance that I experienced from them and from the fans on my arrival and on filling such big shoes. Thanks also to the fans for making this whole experience all the more colourful! I also want to take this opportunity to thank the amazing Celtic Woman team behind the scenes, they work so hard and have been integral in making Celtic Woman the fabulous success that is has been and I know will continue to be.

Peace and Love,

Slán go fóill

Lynn xxx


Hal said...

I have read your posts for a while and find the insight interesting. I have wondered for a while what is the real story. I was a little suspect of the events.
Having main players come and go is usually a sign of the player wanting a change. This change is usually generated by a search for better.
My industry deals with sponsored athletes so I am a little aware of these conditions.
The portion of your posting that will be difficult is for Lisa to leave. Am I correct that her husband is Scott Potter?
One would wonder what the evening discussions are like at the dinner table, oh to be a fly on one of those walls.

ALCAN1 said...

Dear Hal,

I usually do not publish comments from those that I do not know due to agent provocateurs from both the Old Fat Bastard and CW LTD camps. However Im making an exception here because you are asking a question. Yes, Scott Porter is Lisa's husband. However I believe that even though there is a clear conflict of interest, I also believe that Lisa and Scott do not talk about the inner workings of CW. I have come to the conclusion that Lisa is sheltered from most of the information within upper management. Im sure she knows some of it as she has read this blog. I really cant comment too much on wat she may or may not know because that would mean getting into their personal lives. Im sure some things are talked about. In the case of Lynn leaving I think Lisa is clearly afraid that this run is coming to an end.

On Lisa's twitter post she stated the following concerning Lynn's departure..."On a side note it's sad news about lynn's departure from CW but as she said it's something she needs to do. She will be sorely missed on and off stage but we are fully supportive of her decision. It'll all be ok xxx"" The last line is the part that is telling. "It'll all be ok." This line reminds me of the statements of Bear Stearns, AIG, Lehman Brothers, Wachovia, Enron, Kmart, MCI, etc in the days prior to the collapse of each of these companies. ALL of them said they were in great shape and then days or weeks later ALL of them were out of business. I think the same is true here.

This is the reason why Scott Porter just yesterday on Twitter posted the following..."we will be announcing who will be joining Lisa, Chloe & Mairead in due course." The reason why it hasnt been anounced yet is because they do not have a replacement.

It is clear that Lynn is running like hell from CW just as Hayley did. Look at her statement. She said the following..."so I’ve decided to take my leave while the going is good." Why would someone say that. The going is good because its all downhill from here.

In addition look at the fact that Alex, Lynn, Des, as well as several choir members have left over the last 6 months. This organization is pancaking in on itself. I believe its basically over. That is why Im calling for these artists to look at this situation and depart now while the getting is good as Lynn has said. These artists have Porter and Kavanagh by the balls. They need the artists more then the artists need them. Orlagh is a perfect example of this. Im publically calling for the end of Celtic Woman and the creation of something better for the artists and the fans in a re-grouping.

Hal said...

Thanks for the reply.

So you know I am one of those that enjoy the music and cannot tolerate what I have self titled the "Don King Syndrome". This is where a talent is ruined by greedy out of touch management.
I have felt for a long time something is not well within the management simply by the turnover.

The list of examples of this career destroying style of management is almost as long as the list of success by those managed correctly. Unlike what Michael Douglas stated in 'Wall Street' greed is not good.
Good work on the blog, stay strong.