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Celtic Woman Atlanta DVD Recording and 2011 UK Tour Cancelled

It's been a long time since I've written anything on this blog. That is due to the fact that back in November of last year, after returning from Australia, we had 95 mile per hour winds for 4 months straight. As a result, my home had severe wind damage done to it. I have spent the last 5 months rebuilding a large percentage of it. Basically I had to rip it down to the frame and do a total rebuild of 70%. I'm still not totally done with it and I expect to have it completed by November. Working a full time job and weather has kept me from being able to finish sooner.

As many of you know Celtic Woman has filmed their new DVD in Atlanta earlier this month. Because of the rebuild of my home I wasn't able to attend. I do regret not being there but I needed to get things buttoned up here before the snow falls next month. I didn't want 50 foot of snow in my living room this winter. Having said that....had I known that Ann Myler, and Catherine Neylan were going to be in Atlanta for the DVD recording, I would have taken the time to travel to Atlanta to attend that DVD recording. Those 3 have always been my favorite choir members and to see all 3 of them on stage at the same time would have been a treat. I have to say that I'm jealous of those that did attend.
The reports I received both nights of the DVD recording were positive for the most part. Everyone that reported back to me has informed me that the new show is awesome and without exception they have all said that this show is by far the best. I look forward to the release of the DVD at the end of the year or beginning of next year. It's good to see that Celtic Woman (the show) is improving even if the sociopaths who run it continue to do everything they can to dump on their biggest supporters.
There are only two negative points that were reported to me concerning the DVD recording. The first one was the seating arrangements on the second night of the filming. Because there were 4 PBS stations involved, nobody knew in advance what their seats would be as there were 4 stations involved. Although this could have been handled better it could have been worse. People need to keep in mind that prior DVD recordings (including Orlagh's DVD recording) were all general seating. So the second night of filming was not that much different then when we went to Powerscourt and spent 4 hours in line hoping for good seats as those were on a first come first serve basis. Keep in mind that at Powerscourt the first 4 rows were reserved the second night of filming for family and friends. As usual, such little time and notice was given about the recording. This ensured that seating and travel arrangements would not be to every ones expectation.
The forum gathering hosted by Mike Brown was a success. For all those that attended that gathering at the theater you are blessed and as I have been told came at great expense to Mike. Had I gone to Atlanta I would have shared in those costs as well but Mike really stepped up to the plate on that and made it special for everyone attending. Kudos to Mike Brown (Mr. Peabody) he deserves every ones thanks for doing what he did. It would have been nice if Scott Porter would have made a personal appearance, even for a few seconds, to at least acknowledge the forum members that were there. Those that attended are Celtic Woman's biggest supporters. But as anyone who reads this blog knows by now, arrogance from upper level management is a prerequisite. That isn't going to change until they are forced to due to the economy. That is one good thing that will end up coming out of Europe's total banking implosion. And since none of these people understand what is happening in the economic realm, they are all going to be shocked when it does finally bite them in the ass. I look forward to that day. I was told that about 150 people attended the dinner Mike hosted. Again kudos to Mike.
Now that the filming is complete and I'm nearing the end of my rebuilding project I can look forward to planning on the spring tour here in the States. I'm obviously going to try to attend some shows in the spring.
I have to touch upon the cancelled UK tour as I have had several inquires about my thoughts on it. Celtic Woman's statement that the DVD recording in Atlanta conflicted with the UK tour is pure BULLSHIT!!! There was no conflict and I can tell you from my site tracker that the Atlanta filming was in the works long before the UK tour was announced. The Georgia Board Of Regents was spending huge amounts of time on this blog back in early February. As a result I told many people that Atlanta/Georgia PBS were going to have something to do with the next DVD recording and I was proven to be correct. The search terms inputted into Google gives a lot of clues as to why people are looking for information. The search terms and IP addresses also give clues as to possible problems in the making. This has been exampled by the search terms coming out of the UK.
It is my personal belief that the UK tour was not cancelled as a result of the DVD recording but rather as a direct result of the cancelled UK tour from 2007. You have to keep in mind that the 2007 UK tour was fraudulently promoted and advertised at that time. The fraud was promoting Hayley as being on that tour even after she made it clear she was done with Celtic Woman. I covered this extensively in past posts here on this blog. Celtic Woman, when finally announcing the 2007 UK tour being cancelled also issued a statement that the tour would be rescheduled for January of 2008. That never occurred and many people were never refunded for their tickets. Some were refunded but most held their tickets because CW issued a statement saying that those tickets would be honored in 2008. No 2008 tour happened.
The site tracker on this blog in the weeks prior to the 2011 UK tour being cancelled recorded many IP hits and search terms originating from the criminal divisions of various UK governmental authorities. I have to speculate by the search terms and IP addresses that Celtic Woman is not able to tour the UK as a result of their past behavior in the UK. As a result I believe they canceled the 2011 tour because they feared civil legal action for what happened in 2007 or criminal charges are being looked at. In addition my site tracker has recorded hits and search terms from investigative units here in the U.S. So I have to conclude that the UK fans will not have any tour of Celtic Woman at least until any statute of limitations is up. I'm not versed in British law so I do not know when such limitations would be expiring. But I wouldn't count on CW touring the UK in 2012 either. Besides, they have hosed the UK 2 times now. In any case the DVD recording had nothing to do with the UK tour being canceled in my observational opinion. Celtic Woman LTD using the DVD recording and using the American fans as scapegoats is a slap in the face.
I will be updating this blog in the future but for now I'm in the standby mode.

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